Cloud Services

As the world relies more on the internet to get things done, more and more software companies are changing the way they license their products. Some companies have done away with physical copies of software altoghehter, instead opting for monthly subscription fees. It can get confusing to choose the correct software version for your business need.

Waybright Solutions is the expert you need to help you find the right software solution. We're a Microsoft Partner and well versed in other solutions as well, from desktop publishing to dual factor authentication.

Office 365 Plans

Create documents, share presentations, collaborate with fellow employees, and more with Office 365 and Microsoft.

All Office 365 options come with a $10 per month unlimited cloud backup option included.

Office365 Business Essentials
Office 365 Business Essentials
Office 365 Business Premium
Office 365 Business Premium
Office 365 E3
Office 365 E3

You can visit Microsoft for further details on specifics of each plan or contact us to learn more.

Multi-Factor Authentcation

Waybright Solutions partners with Duo to bring affordable multi-factor authentication solutions to small businesses. Whether you would like to enable employees to be able to securely read e-mail on the go or you want to enable employees to have access to the back office from a hotel, multi-factor authentication ensures that both people and devices are who they say they are. You can even leverage Duo to give your employees a single portal to log into cloud-based applications with their single sign-on capability.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Mobile Device Management

Smartphones are everywhere. In our houses, and at our jobs, they allow us to communicate with people and do things that were impossible just 20 years ago. If your business allows employees to use personal phones for company work, you put your network at risk. And if you deploy devices to employees but don't manage them, there's nothing to stop important information to in the hands of the wrong people if a device is stollen.

If your business is in either of these situations, consider using a mobile device management platform. Waybright Solutions partners with Sophos to bring you best in class tools to help you monitor devices you give out while making sure that employee's personal devices are set up securely. You can install apps automatically, locate devices, remotely wipe them, and more.